Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity | Video on

For all my students who patiently and impatiently listen to me discuss the book The Body Has Its Reasons I hope you can enjoy this TED talk.

As Therese Bertherat says, "Our body is ourself. It is our only perceptible reality. It is not opposed to our intelligence, to our feelings, to our soul. It includes them and shelters them. By becoming aware of our body we give ourselves access to our entire being--for body and spirit, mental and physical, and even strength and weakness, represent not our duality but our unity."


  1. Just as we cannot isolate certain muscles in the body and ask them to work independently without help from the rest of the system, we cannot isolate certain parts of our brains and separate those parts from the rest of our brains and the rest of our entire being...

  2. I've heard this talk before and agreed with it the first time. It always makes me wonder if I'm part of the problem. I have often felt like I'm having to reprogram artists and try to get them to shed all of the baggage they've picked up over the years. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it hinders.

  3. Interesting thought Rick... I totally agree that it can be both. Education and refinement is important but so is having the space and freedom to create (sometimes this at first looks really messy) AnywaY, hard to think that you are part of the problem as it's your job to educate. We still need education. hmmm